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Changing Diabetes in Children (CDIC)  Programme

Changing diabetes in children program is an initiative in joint collaboration with Novo Nordisk and WDF. It is an integrated approach of providing free comprehensive and sustainable healthcare to children with diabetes in Bangladesh. Team work is the main theme at CDIC which Includes Paediatric Diabetologist. Diabetes Educators, Psychologist. Nutritionist and others. The project was inaugurated on January 2010 at BIRDEM, Dhaka. The clinic has shifted from BIRDEM to BIRDEM-2.

The CDIC clinic at BIRDEM-2 was formally inaugurated on 17th March, 2012 by Crown Prince of Denmark Fredrik. while the Danish Ambassador to Bangladesh Svend Olling and Jesper Hoiland, senior vice-president of Novo Nordisk’s International Operations also attended the event. Being financed by Novo Nordisk, CDIC providing free insulin for the children enrolled in the programme. Besides. two more clinics had already been operating at Chittagong and Faridpur.
The overall goal of the project is to increase access to diabetes care for children with type 1 diabetes and as such help these children live better lives.

The aims of the project are:

  • To establish a central Paediatric diabetes clinic in Dhaka and two satellite clinics in two districts of Bangladesh.
  • To train doctors and educators in the diagnosis, management and complications of Diabetes in children
  • To develop a training manual for Health care professionals and education programme for children and their families considering the special needs of the children
  • To provide free comprehensive care including medical consultations, education, insulin and syringes, HbAlc with other investigations, Glucometer with strips to all children with diabetes
  • To organize Diabetes camp once every year
  • To establish a national registry of children with diabetes
  • To create awareness about diabetes in the community

The project was inaugurated on February 2010. Team work is the main theme of CDIC which includes Paediatric diabetologist, Diabetes educator, Psychologist and Social worker

Following services are provided free of cost at CDIC

  1. Monthly consultation
  2. Diabetes education
  3. Psychosocial screening & counseling
  4. Yearly review and complication screening
  5. Investigations including -
    -Urine for microalbumin
    -Blood Glucose
    -Lipid profile & others
  6. Insulin with syringes
  7. Glucometer with strips
  8. Transport cost to poor patients
  9. Home visit of the non complaints patients

Organized Program-

  • Diabetes Camp annually
  • School awareness program
  • Awareness programs in media
  • Other Diabetic center visit

A significant number of children and adolescents are enrolled in CDIC programme so far who are coming for follow up regularly. CDIC emphasizes on diabetes education combined with appropriate motivation of the patients, caregivers to improve the glycemic control and quality of lives.