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Diabetes Prevention Programme

“Primary Prevention of Diabetes Mellitus and Non Communicable Disease (PPDM and NCD’s Programme) in Bangladesh is a project of Bangladesh Diabetic Association (BADAS). It was initiated by BADAS and was implemented in July 2008. It started to functioning and inaugurated from August 2008 through a successful pilot programme (Diabetes Awareness Programme) for Primary Prevention of Type-2 diabetes and NCDs among the employees of Sanofi Aventis Limited. It completed 4 years and conducted 4 Diabetes Awareness Programme among the employees of 4 different organization, at different time. Most of the officers, Managing Director and office stuffs participated the programme willingly and gave us the opportunity to perform this programme successfully.

Goal of This Project:
The main goal of this project is to create to promote and to raise the awareness for reduce, to hault, to Prevent or to delay the onset or development of Type-2 Diabetes and other NCDs like CVD, Hypertension etc. through different approaches and in different strategies and effective tools of PPDM and NCDs like diabetic education, Nutrition Education, healthy life style modification and screening for diabetes and Identification of people/individual at risk of developing of type-2 diabetes and NCDs by measurement of five risk factors among the employees of different organization country wise.

Strategies for primary prevention are many but the effective tools very from population to population. BADAS is engaged in evaluating the cost effectiveness of different strategies in population approach and High risk group of approach in Bangladesh formulating the disseminating messages to target population. As a part of those activities BADAS has initiate the NCDs policy which aims at reducing the prevalence of diabetes specially type-2 and other NCDs and implemented this project in the name of “Primary Prevention of Diabetes Mellitus and Non-Communicable Disease, Programme” (PPDM and NCDs Programme) in Bangaldesh for the prevention of diabetes and other NCDs eg CVS, Hypertension along with other disorder associated with metabolic syndrome (IGT or Type-2 diabetes) obesity, Hypertension, dyslipidaemia) etc. among the workers/employees of different govt, non-government organization, NGO’s countrywide.

Project Design:

It is a package programme with minimum basic charge Tk. 500/- package for each individual which includes followings:

  1. Screening for Diabetes by FBS and 2 hrs. after 75 grams glucose drink (OGTT) and screening by Measurement of risk factors for identification of individual at risk of developing type-2 diabetes.
  2. Diabetic Education for interventions of effective of lifestyle modification.
  3. Education material-a diabetes guide book in Bengali containing the messages of PPDM and NCDs programme.

  4. These programme is conduct in the campus of the different organization at different time and in different group.


Aims :

The aims of the project is to give the emphasis on creating and promoting the raise and demand-eg.

  • To organize Diabetic awareness programme for PPDM & NCDs among the employees of different organization.
  • To identify individuals at risk of developing type-2 diabetes, other NCDs and help them to adopt appropriated measures to prevent or delay the onset or development of diabetes, NCDs and other metabolic syndrome.
  • As type-2 diabetes is most prevalent type of diabetes and is in preventable condition. It has a a reconizable prediabetes stage too. It puts tremendous burden not only on individual health but also put impact on family social and conutry economy as well as nation also. The risk factor of type -2 diabetes are easily identifiable. The modifiable risk factors can be modified and preventable by simple lifestyle measurement. Type-2 DM itself is a part of NCDs. Many of the risk factors of type-2 diabetes are same for other NCDs and thereby aims prevention of diabetes and NCDs.
  • To reduce suffering
  • To alleviate the economic burden
  • To reduce the mortality and morbidity from diabetes and NCDs through PPDM and NCDs programm.


Education Team :

  • Diabetic Education Programme is conduct by Honorary Physicians (Diabetologist). They give the scientific lecture for effective lifestyle modification for primary prevention of diabetes to modifying the modifiable risk factors through simple intervention of life style modification specially. (i) Modest weight loss (ii) increase physical activity /exercise among the emolyees of organisation in divided group in Several Lecture.
  • They give the lecture through PowerPoint Presentation in Bengali containing messages of diabetic education and different skill for life style modification which produced through projector in education programme. Especial emphasis has given on healthy diet, Nutrition education, increased physical activity, exercise etc.
  • A colorful diabetes guide book for primary prevention of Diabetes and NCDs in Bengali was published and distributed to each participants which is helpful for them to adopt life style modification and to reduce the prevalent of Type-2 DM & NCDs.
  • There is question & answer session between Physician (Diabetologist) and the Participants of different organization to asses the primary knowledge about diabetes in education programme.


Screening Team :

Screening programme is an study programme. It is infact a clinical approach where physician with the screening team performed the following activities eg:

  • Identification of those people who are at higher risk of development of type-2 diabetes and NCDs:


Service Provided from 2008-2016 :

The activities and methodology mentioned above BADAS PPDM and NCDs Programme conducted five diabetic awareness programme among the employees of following five different organization at their working places from 2008-2016, namely:

  1. Sanofi Aventis Ltd ( FY : 2008-2009 )
  2. British American Tobacco Bangladesh Co. Limited ( FY : 2009-2010 )
  3. The New Asia Limited ( FY : 2011-2012 )
  4. The Apex Pharma Ltd. ( FY : 2011-2012 )
  5. The ACME Laboratories Ltd. ( FY : 2012-2013 )
  6. Padma Textiles Ltd. ( FY : October 2014 )
  7. Daily kalerkantho (FY : November 2015)