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Extension of Diabetic Care (EDC)

Goals & Objectives

  • To recruit 550 settled GPs from Thana level (at least one from each Thana) for Certificate Course on Diabetology with the aim of creating Accredited Physicians.
  • To make the chambers/clinic of the APs suitable for diabetes care (by providing them Glucometer, ophthalmoscopes, tuning forks and refrigerators for insulin storage).
  • To create an electronic network through mobile phone to monitor and share data.
  • To provide diabetes health education to the diabetics and their family members attending at APs chamber by the health educators from the nearest Affiliated Associations.
  • Overall aim is to increase diabetes care coverage from 25% to at least 50%.

A. Activities

  1. As a part of manpower training, 209 doctors have attended Certificate Course on Diabetology, 204 doctors came out successfully in Batch- A to L. Batch-M will has already been started on November 2014.
  2. Mobile Network Installation & operation: An agreement has been signed with TRCL for making a network with doctors working at Thana level. For this, TRCL is making Software and essential infrastructures at BIHS at Darus Salam, Mirpur.
  3. Enrolment of doctors from remaining Thana.
  4. ID number and Guide Book have been given to all diabetic Centres.

B. Accredited Physician Scheme – APS

BADAS is now stepping forward to extend diabetic care from District level (Affiliated Association) to Thana/Upazilla level by creating Accredited Physicians (AP) from the EDC trained GPs who are already practicing there. 309 Accredited Physician Centers have been opened for patient.

C. Material Developed Through EDC:

Course material for the Certificate Course on Diabetology by face to face teaching has been finalized by its faculty. The course delivery materials are prepared as follows:

  1. Text (Printed book) same as the existing one for distance learning mood.
  2. Lecture material – Power Point Slide.
  3. Tutorial materials - Activities like Fill up the gaps, response to true/false statements, data interpretation and discussion as appropriate for individual lecture curriculum.
  4. Practical/clinical class- case(s) presentation/ investigation(s)/procedure(s), assignment and discussion appropriate for individual lecture curriculum.
  5. Theoretical and practical teaching on Telemedicine system in Diabetic care.

D. Achievement

So far successfully 309 (Three Hundred and Nine) Accredited Physician Center has been established under this project. And Inaugurated Two more are on the pipeline.

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