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Ibrahim Health Line

The advent of technology has helped the field of medical practice and research move beyond conventional bounds. Technology has allowed for medical service to move from the traditional medical center to patients’ mobiles. Medical study is also being enriched through collection of data and moving towards evidence based medicine The evolution in technology has provided the unique opportunity to provide healthcare access through mobile technology. According to Bangladesh Bureau of Statistics, Bangladesh currently has over 124 million mobile phone subscribers in a nationwide population of more than 160 million people.

According to 3 Telecommunication Operators in Bangladesh, Grameenphone, Robi and Banglalink, consumers in Bangladesh have access to 3G technology in all 64 districts since July 2014. That Bangladesh Diabetic Association (BADAS) has more than 95 Centers across the country including the Affiliated and Sub-Affiliated Centers; it is the opportune moment to provide access to patients of BADAS through mobile technology. Hence BADAS inaugurated Ibrahim Healthline, a telehealth service to provide its patients access to healthcare service through their mobile phones. This is currently being operated from the Call Center at National Healthcare Network (NHN), an enterprise of BADAS with more than 20 medical centers.

The Call Center will be beneficial to different stake holders, such as similar medical professional groups/associations, pharmaceutical companies, and particularly the general people. The Call Center will provide diagnosis, prescription and referral support 24/7 to the registered subjects nationwide. As mentioned earlier, prescription generation over SMS was established during the HMI pilot project. The Call Center will be attended by doctors. In developed countries call centers are attended by nurses. Because their competency is good and doctors are not affordable.

Since the Call Center was established during the Health Micro Insurance (HMI) pilot project, the major investment required for setting up such a center had already been incurred. An additional small investment was required to cover costs of relocation and supplementation.


  • To provide primary medical care to diabetic and non-diabetic patients at very affordable price
  • To take medical care to the doorsteps of the patients
  • To maintain a health record of patients via electronically generated medical record (EMR)
  • To maintain patient health record for better clinical management
  • To save patient’s time
  • Help during off-hour or non-availability of medical care

Services of the Health Line

  • This will be open 24 hours 7 days a week.
  • Initially the service will be rendered to Diabetic Patients only. Gradually the service will be made available to the general public.
  • Currently 2 types of annual membership
  • Every New Diabetic Patient will have to pay Tk. 125 for yearly membership.
  • Registered Diabetic Patients will have to pay yearly membership fee of Tk. 365.

Registration Time: From 7:30 am to 9:30 pm
Registration Types :

  • New Diabetic Patient: A Promotional Offer. Tk. 125/- (Hundred and Twenty-Five Taka) for Yearly Subscription,
  • Previous/Old Diabetic Patient and Non-Diabetic Patient: Tk. 365 (Three Hundred Sixty-Five) for Yearly Subscription.
  • Family Pack (not more than five members): A Promotional Offer Tk. 500 for New Diabetic Patients Yearly Subscription.

Registration Process

  • Patients will be able to register to Ibrahim Heathline from the centers of Bangladesh Diabetic Somity (BADAS) and also through a web portal.

Benefits/Services for Registered Patients

Registered members of Ibrahim Healthline will be able the following services:

  • Medical Advice over mobile/landline with a qualified doctor
  • Referrals to a medical facility under Bangladesh Diabetic Somity (BADAS) via mobile/landline
  • Request Lab Technician to visit member’s home to collect samples (blood, urine, cough etc.)
  • Prescriptions and Investigations through SMS
  • Order home delivery of prescribed medicines
  • Speak to Health Educationist regarding Lifestyle Management, Dietary Habits, and Counseling.

Upcoming Scopes:

  • Admissions to Hospital Facility
  • Ambulance Booking
  • Integrating Wireless Devices with Ibrahim Healthline
  • Providing Wireless Devices to Patients for better patient management e.g. ihealth glucometer, wireless blood pressure monitor etc.
  • Integrating in-hospital facilities with Ibrahim Healthline to provide one-stop solution
  • Tailoring patient health management to suit individual patient needs
  • Tailoring health education messages to suit individual patient health awareness
  • Preconception Care through Religious Leaders (Kazis) may be delivered through the call center facility.
  • Diabetes Prevention through Religious Leaders (Imams) may also be delivered through the call center facility.