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Child saving activities:
Life for a Child Project ife for a child (LFAC) Programme in Bangladesh is a joint initiative of BADAS (Bangladesh Diabetic Association) & IDF (International Diabetes Federation). It was started in July 2010.The aim was to provide free support to underprivileged young diabetics from 1 to 26 years of age.

Following Services are provided by LFAC programme: :

  • Insulin Glucometer
  • Strip Lanset
  • HbA1c Testing Retinopathy Screening
Through International Diabetes Federation Life for a Child (LFAC) Epidemiology Study is going on.

To set up a register (a list) of children and young people under 21 years with diabetes in Bangladesh and other developing countries, and determine the types and rates of young diabetic subject in Bangladesh. Also to determine the genes that may be influencing the types of diabetes in Bangladesh. To investigate the type of diabetes in individuals with diabetes by looking at the history of diabetes in each person, and measuring certain chemicals in the blood that are important in causing diabetes. To look at DNA samples from people with diabetes, and also without diabetes (such as yourself).

Diabetes Care at various location:
As a part of manpower training, 392 doctors attended Certificate Course on Diabetology, 390 doctors came out successfully in Batch-A to Batch-U (21 Batch). Batch-V started in October 2016.
Mobile Network Installation & operation:
An agreement was made and signed with TRCL for making a network with doctors working at Thana level. For this, TRCL is making Software and essential infrastructures at BIHS at Darus Salam, Mirpur. Intensification of activities to enroll doctors from the remaining Thanas Such as- fresh advertisement in National Daily " Prothom Alo" for enrolment of doctors. All Affiliated Associations are requested to nominate potential GPs for the course from their locality. A three member team has been formed to visit the chambers of GPs at Thana level.

Accredited Physicians Scheme (APs):
BADAS is now stepping forward to extend diabetic care from District level (Affiliated Association) to Thana/Upazilla level by creating Accredited Physicians (AP) from the Extension of Diabetes Care (EDC) trained GPs who are already practicing there. So far 119 (One Hundred & Nineteen) Accredited Physician Centers have been opened.

Diabetes in Children:

Changing diabetes in children program is an initiative of Diabetic Association of Bangladesh in joint collaboration with Novo Nordisk and WDF. It is an integrated approach of providing free comprehensive and sustainable healthcare to children with Type-1 diabetes in Bangladesh. The overall goal of the project is to increase access to diabetes care for children with Type 1 Diabetes and to help these childrens' life better.
The progress of the program in the FY 2015-16

A Scientific seminar on Paediatric Diabetes was held on 22nd August 2015 at BIRDEM, In all 134 Participants were present there.