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Ibrahim Cardiac hospital & Research Institute

National Professor Dr Mohammad Ibrahim established Diabetic Association of Bangladesh in the year 1956. Not limiting the diagnostic and treatment activities of diabetic patients, the Diabetic Association of Bangladesh has successfully expanded its activities in almost every fields of medical science as the diabetes affects all vital organs of the body. In pursuance of this quest, Ibrahim Cardiac Hospital & Research Institute has been established as a not-for profit organization to prevent, treat and rehabilitate cardiac patients, to create awareness and to develop skilled man power. It has already established itself as a highly reputed cardiac institute in the country with a team of dedicated doctors, nurses, technicians, support service members and efficient management team. During the year this Institute has been able to continue its upward trend in clinical activities as well as continual improvement of services and introducing advanced latest facilities.
Keeping the trend of continuous expansion, the bed numbers of the hospital was expanded to 131 (including Emergency and OPD) and it is planned to make it 150.

Academic, Training and Development activities

Daily Clinical Meeting (Cardiology)
Daily Cardiology Clinical Meeting is being held on every working day from 8.00 a.m. to 9.00 a.m. where discussion held on the condition of admitted cases of previous day. Selected topic presentation and latest journal presentation held daily by Resident Medical Officer on rotational basis.

Weekly Cath conference
Weekly Cath conference is being held on every Saturday where the difficult CAG cases were discussed and reviewed from 8.00 a.m. to 9.00 a.m by Cardiologists, Cardiac Surgeons and Cardiac Anaesthesiologist.

Clinical Meeting (Cardiac Surgery)
Every Wednesday Clinical Meeting of Cardiac Surgery is being held from 8.00 a.m. to 9.00 a.m. All members of Cardiac Surgery & Cardiac Anaesthesiology participate in the meeting. 

Clinical Meeting (Cardiac Anaesthesiology)
Every Tuesday Clinical Meeting of Cardiac Anaesthesiology is being held from 8.00 a.m. to 9.00 a.m. All members of Cardiac Anaesthesiology & Cardiac Surgery participate in the meeting.

Training Course on Cardiac Nursing
3 months long ‘Training Course on Cardiac Nursing’ has been organized for professional development of Nurses. During the year two courses has been completed where 33 participants successfully participated the course. Lt. Col (Rtd) Dr Md Hamidur Rahman, Head of Anaesthesiology is the chief course coordinator and Ms. Ashrafun Nesa, Deputy Nursing Superintendent performed as course coordinator.

Diploma in Cardiac Nursing Course: Session 2014-2015 (3rd batch)
Diploma in Cardiac Nursing Course (Duration - 01 year) for the session of 2014-2015 (3rd batch) under Bangladesh Nursing Council has been completed. 18 Students appeared in the final examination which has been conducted centrally by Bangladesh Nursing Council. The result of the final examination to be published soon..

Session 2015-2016 (4th batch)
Classes of Diploma in Cardiac Nursing for the session of 2015-2016 have been started from August, 2015. Total 20 students are participating in the course on which 09 students from in house and 11 students from other non-government organizations.
Lt. Col (Rtd) Dr Md Hamidur Rahman, Head of Cardiac Anaesthesiology is the chief course coordinator and Ms. Ayesha Siddiqua, Deputy Nursing Superintendent is performing as course coordinator.

Hands on Nursing Training for ventilated patients
02 weeks hands on nursing training for ventilated patients had been introduced in 2014. Total 30 Staff Nurses have been participated in 1st, 2nd & 3rd batches which have been conducted by ICHRI’s own management. The classes of 4th batch will be started soon.

Ibrahim Cardiac Hospital & Research Institute needs to support its activities through a well-established Quality Management System to gain competitive advantage and satisfy of it’s patients. To ensure this objective, the hospital has been awarded ISO- 9001:2008 QMS certificate. The 5th surveillance audit also conducted by concerned ISO authority and declared continuation of ISO certificate.

- Scientific Seminar & Symposium are held regularly.
- Doctors and Nurses are regularly participated in CPR course arranged by BIRDEM and Ibrahim Cardiac
- Doctors are regularly participated in DLP course arranged by BADAS

- Doctors are regularly attending in the medical conference/seminar at home and abroad.

The plan of expansion and conversion of Ibrahim Cardiac to Ibrahim Cardio Thoracic Neuro Vascular and Transplant Hospital & Research Institute will be implemented very soon. Once completed this will offer comprehensive cardiovascular and thoracic treatment while allowing introduction of therapeutic modality to treat patients with end stage disease using life saving and life extends organ transplant procedures. The plan is to consolidate on the kidney transplant that is already taking place and will start liver, bone marrow and heart transplant in phases. For this a twin Operation Theater with suitable pre and post operative ICUs will be established and the work in progress.
Department of Cardiology
The cardiology department encompasses 77inpatients beds out of which 18 beds are allocated for Coronary Care unit (CCU), 6 beds are for SD-CCU (A), 12 in SD-CCU (B), 10 in Cath Ward, 12 in Sakina Ibrahim & Pediatric Cardiology Ward, 10 in General ward and the rest are used for the treatment of a wide range of cardiac conditions, both acute and chronic, Comprehensive Invasive and Non-Invasive services are offered.
This department offers multi-disciplinary approach to treatment of cardiac diseases/ailments. It provides a range of service taking into consideration the patient’s needs. The treatment is supported by a team of Cardiologists.
Department of Cardiac Surgery
The cardiac Surgery Department encompasses 39 inpatient beds of which 08 beds are used for post operative Intensive Care Unit (ICU), 06 beds for Step-down ICU , 13 beds for post operative care , 12 beds for pre operative care for the treatment. The department is supported by two fully surgical equipped operation theaters specialized for undertaking all types of cardiac surgeries.

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