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Kidney and Liver Transplantation Unit (KALTU)

A. Activities

  1. The activity of the Kidney Transplant unit started in November 2004. When four Kidney transplantation operations were performed on the same day. Regular Kidney transplantation started in March 2005.
  2. Total no of Living related donor Kidney transplantation from July 2015 to June 2016: 06
  3. Total no. of Living related donor Kidney transplantation from November 2004 to June 2014: 122
  4. In June 2010- we have performed the First ever Liver transplantation operation in Bangladesh and total two successful liver transplantation is done.

B. Instruments

Dialysis machine 01, CRRT Machine 01; Cardiac Monitor 02, Ventilator-02; Pulse Oxymeter 03, Portable Reverse Osmosis machine-1, Body & Fluid warmer-2 set, CUSA, Operating Ultra-sonogram-1, Infusion pump 02, Syringe pump 10 and Fumigator-01.

C. Research Projects in the FY 2014-2017

  1. Changes in Lipid Profile After Renal Transplantation
  2. Infectious complications in renal transplant recipient during first year
  3. Immediate post transplant response of patients to Ciclosporine and Tacrolmus based immunosuppressive therapy.
  4. Response and role of renal transplant recipients to Induction therapy with basiliximab.
  5. 10 years of Live Related Donor Renal Transplant: BIRDEM Experience.
  6. Comparison of different estimating equation for prediction of Glomerular filtration rate in Kidney donors.
  7. Attitude and knowledge about kidney transplantation and kidney donation among Bangladeshi population from different socio-economic and educational status.
  8. Donor factors influencing the outcome of kidney transplant recipients of Bangladesh - Experience of a tertiary care hospital
  9. Knowledge and attitude of Bangladeshi physicians about organ donation
  10. Causes of thrombocytopenia in kidney transplant recipients in immediate post-transplant period and its influence on outcome of allograft: BIRDEM General Hospital Experience.