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Major Focal Areas of Research at BADAS

  • Diabetes care and complication study
  • Epidemiology of diabetes mellitus and other NCDs
  • Socioeconomic consequences of NCDs
  • Public Health aspects of diabetes and other NCDs
  • Etiopathogenesis of diabetes and its complications
  • Chemical Studies and Bioassay of Antidiabetic Plant Materials
  • Plant materials as a source of antidiabetic agents
  • Prevention of type 2 DM through lifestyle and dietary interventions
  • Obstetrics & gynecological complications among diabetic subjects

Outstanding Contribution:

Fellowship in Pediatric Urology under The Tamil Nadu Dr. MGR Medical University, Chennai, India (carried out in Apollo Children’s Hospitals, Chennai, India) was awarded to Dr. Kamal M. Choudhury, Associate Professor and Head, Department of Pediatric Surgery, BIRDEM General Hospital in 2016.

Dr Farzana B Ibrahim:
Awarded Clinical Fellowship in Plastic Surgery, at Queen Victoria Hospital, Sussex, UK

Dr Raihan Anwar:
Awarded Microsurgery Fellowship at Ganga Hospital, Coimbatore, India

National Award (2015):
Prof. Arup Ratan Choudhury received National Award'EKUSHEY PODOK' for his outstanding contribution in social work.

International Award:
Prof Arup Ratan Choudhury recieved International Award for producing and directing movie on drug addiction and prevention Shargo Thake Narok’- Special category award form India “Telecine Award” on 4th June 2016.

International Conference on Recent Advances in Pain:
Pain Specialist Dr. Kawsar Sardar received award on “Pain Leadership” at International Conference on Recent Advances in Pain at Kolkata on August 2016.

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Research Work 2015-2016:

  • Research Year - 2015-2016  ::